Ligon this is your night

Chris Ligon and the Problems
This Is Your Night
(Clang! CL-510, 2011)

1. Butterflies Don’t bite
2. He’s the Most
3. She’s Only Five
4. Different From Each Other
5. The Great State of Texas
6. Bluebirds in Michigan
7. Blackhawk Girls
8. It’s Been a Delight
9. Three Tammy Wynettes
10. We’d Three Happy
11. This Is Your Night
12. He’s the Most (reprise)
All songs by Chris Ligon

*Chris with his band The Problems (Scott Ligon, Casey McDonough, Alex Hall and Sharon Rutledge)
performing 12 songs including the tunes later recorded by The Flat Five; "It's Been a Delight", "She's Only Five", 
"Bluebirds In Michigan", "The Great State of Texas" and title song "This Is Your Night".
released in 2011